Monday, December 17, 2007

Digital Diet Anyone?

Apparently Britney Spears has resorted to digital dieting for her most recent video. This pisses me off on so many levels...main one being, was she fat to begin with? For god sakes, I should hope to look that good after having 2 kids. And because of todays' society, she felt it necessary to digitally alter her body for all of the assholes out there who call her fat? Like it isn't hard enough on girls today to have the so called "perfect body"? I don't know how many times I've heard my rail thin, never eating niece call herself fat and my gorgeous willowy cousin say she has a big butt and had to hold myself back from wanting to slap a hamburger into their mouth. When is this obsession going to end?

**rant over**

Are You Ready for a Baby?

Cross posted from Love Shak, Baby ....

I thought this was such a wonderful post, I had to steal some of it and post it here. Check out the entire post here.

"Kids will break your heart like you never imagined. They'll make you angrier than you have ever been in your life. They'll make you think you need to take a trip to the funny farm. They will embarrass you so badly you'll want to be struck dead on the spot. They'll gross you out so badly you'll run to the bathroom, gagging.
But kids will make your heart soar to heights you didn't know existed. They'll make you laugh harder than you have ever laughed in your life and they will make you sing with pure joy. And they'll make you dance- even if that dancing is because you had to take a 5:51 dance break because they're driving you nuts.
Kids will spend all your money, eat all your food, steal all your favorite toys and demand more. And they'll give you flowers from grubby little hands and they'll draw you pictures that are more beautiful than the Mona Lisa. Even if you're not sure what, exactly, it was that they drew.
They'll give themselves a haircut right before you take your Christmas pictures and pick out the most garish outfit you have ever seen to wear to preschool. And you'll think they look adorable anyway.
Prepare to never sleep again. They'll wake up 42 times a night as babies and crawl into your bed, sick when they're preschoolers and then pee in your bed. They'll wake you in the middle of the night when they're in grade school and tell you they puked on the floor. They'll keep you up past your bedtime in middle school, working on a school project they've known about for three weeks but is due tomorrow. Then they'll come in after their curfew when they're teenagers and you'll be pacing the floor, picturing fiery car accidents when really, they just lost track of time. And you'll buy them a watch and they'll lose that watch. And then, when you think you'll finally get some sleep, you'll send them off to college and you'll lay in bed late at night, hoping they're not at some frat party. And then they will become parents and they'll call you at 3 AM worrying about their own babies. Oh, no, you'll never sleep again.
Little kids will make you feel like the smartest person on earth and that will scare you to death because you don't realize how little you DO know until you have kids. And then you'll try to share your wisdom with your teenagers and they'll tell you that you know nothing. And that will scare you to death because you know what will happen, but you have to give them the gift of letting them make their own mistakes.
Yep, having a kid is going to change you like you never imagined. But it's a good kind of change. Except the not-sleeping part, that is."

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

All I Wanted was Clean Teeth!

I went to the dentist today for a check up and teeth cleaning and walked out 3.5 hours later and $2200 lighter. I knew I had cavities that I had been neglecting since I had stopped going to the dentist for 2 years after I became pregnant and had the Pea. I finally went back when my teeth began to hurt and discovered that I had not 1, not 3, not 5, but 10 cavities!! I swear to you that I do brush my teeth and practice good hygiene. Apparently I am lucky enough to have very groovy teeth; and that doesn't mean they wear little tie dye shirts and smoke weed - they have lots of grooves and indentions that bacteria can lurk in and a regular toothbrush can't do much about it. I also still had my wisdom teeth that were nice enough to be growing in sideways and trying to kill of the teeth beside them. Because of that, I had to get those suckers removed before my dentist would do any of the cavity work. You can read about that here.
I did all that crap, which was loads of fun and went back in today for what I thought was going to be an innocent cleaning and subsequent scheduling of appointment for all of the little cavities scattered around. Well one of said cavities had been very busy and eaten a hole into my tooth down to the nerve. So yep - I had to get the sucker drilled. It actually wasn't bad at all. The worst part is the god awful screeching of the drill on your tooth and the bill you have to pay afterwards. Anyway, I have a nice little temporary cap on my tooth and a lot less money but my teeth are otherwise in good shape. Next month I get to go in and get the rest of those suckers filled. Great Christmas present huh?

Monday, December 10, 2007

Question of the Week

Vanilla or chocolate?
I'm lazy today and I love vanilla.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Non Toxic Tots

I subscribe to the Non Toxic Times Newsletter from Seventh Generation which is a very interesting read. I am obsessed with all of the toxins that go into skin care, shampoo, and especially things that are used on The Pea so when the Environmental Working Group sent me a survey a few months ago asking about every product I used on my son, I jumped on it. They have since released their findings which I found out about on Seventh Generations' newsletter and you can read about them here. It covers everything from baby shampoo to diaper rash cream. You even have the option to print the entire thing out for reference. It's amazing all of the crap some companies put into stuff especially the stuff that goes on our body! You can go to the database and search everything here.


I got my Wii - I am a happy dork. If anyone is curious, this is how I found it: go to .
They will email you or send you a text on your cell phone and let you know when and where a wii will be available. Go ahead...I know I'm a dork; are you?

Monday, December 3, 2007

Question of the Week

Ok, so here is my stupid question of the week:
Where in the crap can I get a Wii and is it really worth all of this hysteria? I am not standing in line at Best Buy for 4 hours to get one of these things!

Santa got dissed

I'm sure the guy is used to getting the snub from hundreds of kids but that still didn't keep me from feeling bad when the Pea gave him the cold shoulder this weekend. We got up Saturday with great plans of going to sit on Santa's lap (my son, not me) and telling him the long list of things that were wanted for Christmas. Pea even picked out the clothes he wanted to wear when we saw Santa and got dressed, talking about Santa the whole time. He started to get a little worried then but got over it when we reminded him of all the things he wanted for Christmas. So we made it to the mall and stood in the short line and that's when I knew it wasn't going to happen. He wouldn't even look at Santa or wave to him and told my husband that he didn't like Santa and didn't care if he got nothing for Christmas. When we finally got to the end of the line, we walked to Santa and Pea grabbed onto my husbands' neck with the strength of a 20 year old and would not let go. I refuse to be one of those parents that force a screaming child onto the poor guys' lap so we got a Santa coloring book and hightailed it out of there. Poor Santa - you gotta give a guy props that can sit there for 8 hours a day and hold screaming children in his lap and still smile at the camera. We love you Santa!
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