Friday, August 24, 2007

Like I Needed Another Hole in My Head...

Now I have 4 more. I wanted to update on the wisdom teeth surgery before I went to sleep for the night. I am so glad to finally have this over and done with. The relief is wonderful. So here is how it went:
Got there about 15 minutes early at 8:30. I was taken back for the most painful part; writing the check for $1340. That hurt. Then at 8:45 the nurse took me back to the operating room, which really just looked like a glorified dentist exam room with scary tools on a tray covered with a blanket. She laid me back, I asked a few questions while she took my blood pressure and put the heart monitor on my finger and a few sticky heart monitors on my chest and side. She then put a mask over my nose that is pumping out oxygen and we made a little more small talk. Then she moved behind me and I notice a different smell coming from my oxygen mask. Nitrous Oxide; now that is the shit. I recognized it immediately and in about 2 minutes, I am floating peacefully around the room. Finally the doc came in, made sure I was comfy and inserted the IV into my right arm. I asked what I was getting and he told me, after which I immediately forget because I am so high. I then asked him if this is the part where he tells me to count back from 10. He replied, "No, I'm just giving you something to relax you a little more." Next thing I know, I am in a wheelchair and the nurse is telling me I'm all finished and going home. Amazing! I go in and out after that. I remember asking for my teeth so the nurse wrapped up the 2 bottoms for me (apparently the 2 top were demolished), I black out, I come to in my husbands' car, then out again, he runs to the bank, then to Walmart, me, out again; then we make it home and I make my way to the couch and lay down. Luckily my mom was here and watched my son for me, then went to pick up my meds and a few groceries. I nap, peacefully, wake up starving and a little sore, so I take 2 advil which curbs the pain a little and eat some scrambled eggs. This is definitely a pain that is very tolerable. It's more like a tight soreness and rawness around the bottoms. The top part isn't giving me much grief. Just a little sore is all. So I am also on antibiotics because the bottom 2 were infected and I am on pain meds (which is just a glorified tylenol) as well as advil every 2 hours. I have stitches in the bottoms, none in the top. I can eat soft foods as long as I chew with my front teeth like a rabbit. The swelling is not bad yet; I have kept an ice bag on my face almost all day which has helped greatly. I have to make sure I stretch the bottom jaw every few hours so it doesn't tighten too much. All in all, the worst part of this entire thing was the anticipation before the surgery. Now I am just relieved that it is all over and I can focus on healing. I am curious to see how the swelling goes as time goes by. Apparently it is the worst on day 3. We'll see. I will update on day 2.

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