Saturday, August 25, 2007

Day 2

So it's day 2 after my wisdom teeth surgery. I woke up this morning feeling like a semi had run over my face. Definitely more pain than yesterday. I had to stretch my mouth open which was excruciating and when I looked in the mirror, I looked like a chipmunk storing winter food. I immediately took 2 advil and went back to bed with my ice pack on my face. I finally got up about an hour later and rinsed my mouth out with warm salt water and that helped a little bit. My mom was nice enough to bring me a sunshine smoothie from Sonic because I couldn't imagine putting anything solid in my mouth. I'm feeling a little better now as long as I keep my ice pack on my face. I have to keep stretching my mouth open every once in a while which still really hurts. Hopefully this is as bad as it will get. If the pain gets any worse, I'll need some stronger pain meds! So now I'm off to rinse my mouth again, then take my pain med and more advil. That should help. More updates to come....

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