Thursday, August 2, 2007

Cool Finds

Some cool stuff I found on the internet and in magazines:

Here's a good way to get your kids to do the dishes! The Bubble Scrubber!

I personally haven't tried this product but I think it seems pretty cool; the ReadiVac Power Pan functions like a regular dustpan but has a built-in vacuum that sucks up that annoying dirt line that always lingers behind through an opening under the lip.

Cute striped tshirt dresses! Super comfortable and easy. I bought the one from Banana Republic.

This would have come in so handy when my son was younger. A timer you can program to remind you of various baby activities, e.g. when he/she last napped, ate, nursed, etc. Very cool!

Cute shoes for your kids! I'm definitely getting a pair of these for my son.

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