Friday, September 14, 2007

My Friday Randomness

Goodyblog is one of my usual daily stops and I had to post about a story I just read on there. It addresses the very serious problem in schools today of bullying. I remember getting picked on once or twice in middle school and just those few times were horrible. I can't imagine getting picked on all the time. It's a horrible problem that I think has definitely gotten worse since I've been in school (I won't tell you how long that has been!) and it's nice to see there are still people out there that are willing to stand up for others. That's how I came across my best friend in middle school - she was getting picked on by the "in" girls over her boy haircut and I stood up for her saying I thought the cut was cute. I'm still pretty proud of myself over that seeing as it was my 2nd day in a brand new school and I was only 9. It's pretty insignificant considering what these boys did in the Goodyblog story but every little bit counts right!

I wrote a post about Whymommy and her fight with Inflammatory Breast Cancer back in August. I'm just posting again about TeamWhymommy for all the bloggers out there on how to join the team. Join the team and post the button on your site with pride!!

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