Friday, September 7, 2007

Road Tested: Dyson

Yes I did it. I finally broke down and bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner. I've been fighting the urge ever since I first saw the Dyson commercial who knows how long ago. My main problem was trying to figure out how to justify forking out $400 for a vacuum. What makes this one so special that it's $150 more than the top of the line Bissell? So I held out and kept looking. I finally decided on the Bissell Healthy Home and was all set to buy it until the Target ad came out this past Sunday. A pink Dyson. Not only does Dyson donate $40 from the sale of every one of these pink lovelies to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, but Target was giving away $100 giftcards to everyone that bought one. And it was pink. That was it for me. I came home 2 days later $400 poorer with a pink Dyson vacuum cleaner. I let it sit in the box for 3 hours, almost scared to open it and dirty it up with the job of sucking up dirt off my floor. How could I do that to such a lovely piece of machinery? I finally broke down and opened it to try it out. I vacuumed the area rug in front of my couch that had previously been vacuumed only the day before and I was shocked at all of the dirt this thing sucked out. Dirt that I was glad to see go but also grossed out that all of this was coming out of a rug we practically lived on. So to sum up this story, the price tag on a Dyson Vacuum is well worth it. There are more expensive models than the one I bought, but I think it's safe to assume that they are worth it as well.
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samantha said...

I have a Dyson Animal and LOVE it! It's worth every penny in my book. :-)

modmom said...

congratulations on your pink dyson + $100 giftcard! score!

ready.2.spark said...

Good for you! I hope that you proudly display it outside of your linen closet.

Amanda said...

Haha! Are you kidding! I have it hanging from my front door!
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