Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I Love Halloween

So I have to post more on my fave holiday, Halloween, before it flies past and it totally lost in the silver bells and tinsel of Christmas which has become the sad fate of Thanksgiving (my 2nd fave holiday). I've done some searching around and wanted to show a little link love to some of my favorites.

Does your kid stink? If so, dress him as an air freshener for trick or treat night. Your worries are over! After Halloween is over, just hang him from your rear view mirror and get that smell out of your car.

I love this cute little Halloween tree. Hopefully it will still be there after the big day so I can buy it on sale!

Ok, I was out shopping the other night and ran across this blow up Halloween house in person - it is insane. I couldn't imagine putting this in my yard. I had fun running thru it although my 2 year old was terrified of it and didn't want me to go anywhere near it. Make your house the most popular one in the cul-de-sac and inflate one of these babies in your front yard!

Cool pumpkin carving templates for the non artists out there (me). Slap one of these guys on your pumpkin and carve away!

And finally, go ghost hunting with your ghost finder camera. Scare all your chicken friends into thinking your house is haunted! I'm sure the kiddies will love this one.

Oh, and turn off all the lights and watch The Evil Dead. That should get you in the spirit. Just make sure you put the kids to bed first.


Trish K said...
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Trish K said...

Have you ever been Ghosting?

You can find the poem or letter on the internet

All you need is some Halloween candy, 2 brown paper lunch bags, 2 copies of the "You've Been Ghosted" letter and 2 copies of the Ghost picture. Put the candy, one letter and one picture in each of the brown paper bags. When it's dark, sneak over to a neighbor's house with an adult, leave the bag on their porch, ring the bell and run away. Don't let them see you. Your Ghosted neighbors will in turn, ghost two more people. Before you know it, it will spread throughout the neighborhood.

becky said...

my kiddo won't be here for halloween (most likely), so the hubby is wanting to paint a pumpkin on my belly. and if he does, that will be my costume. :)

nah, i'm just going as a 9-months pregnant lady. heh.