Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Another post of Random

So I stumbled across this site from Goodyblog. Seriously, this is hilarious. If you need a little pick me up go to and check out the photos of celebs faces photoshopped onto other bodies. Damn I love photoshop! Make sure you check out Clay Aikens' pic.

Cold and Flu season are back again. Check out these tips to help ward off a few germs this winter:
Home Solutions has a great article on the differences between the common cold and the flu and how to treat each here and Lysol has some interesting facts on the nasty germies around us here.

I subscribe to an email service called Daytipper (see Places I like to Visit at right) and here are a few of my favorites tips I've saved from them:

Stop those annoying credit card offers in the mail
Credit card offers that aren't properly disposed of can lead to identity theft. By logging onto you can stop credit card companies from checking your credit and sending those offers. You have the option of stopping the offers for five years or permanently.

List of work at home sites
Ever wanted to make extra income while at home? There are multiple sites where you can find positions from Data Entry to Virtual Assistants. Some sites are,,, and All these sites are free to become a member. Remember you should never have to pay for an at home position.

And one of my favorites since I am self employed:
Pay your kids and get a tax write-off
If you are self-employed, you can pay your children to help in your business and write this off as a business expense. They must actually do the work you are paying for (such as sweeping the shop, washing your equipment), and it must be a reasonable amount. Pay them by check for your records and they can use the money for treats, clothing, or whatever they choose. They develop a sense of accomplishment and you get a tax break on money that you've been handing out anyway.

Happy Trick or Treating tonight!!!


susiej said...

Very funny. Yes, trick or treating was full of treats. And this post!

Amanda said...

Thanks Susiej!